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December 2023

Last in the Class is an original work written and composed by Dan Elish. In the Hoof ‘n’ Horn production, Martavius Parrish (T ‘14) will be directing and Adam Beskind (T ‘20) will be music directing. Hoof ‘n’ Horn will be doing a staged reading of Last in the Class in the Ruby Lounge.


 “LAST IN THE CLASS is a new romp of a musical by Dan Elish (13 and The Evolution of Mann) that follows pot-head Johnny Finkleman from Harvard U to the heights of NY corporate law. A modern day How to Succeed in Business fueled with a bit of Book of Mormon outrage, Last in the Class is the most tuneful and funniest show you’ll see this year.”


Dan, Adam, and Martavius hope this will be a unique opportunity for HnH members to collaborate with a professional creative team on the development of a new musical as well as give the creative team a chance to hear the piece read and sung in full for the first time to inform future iterations. Dan began writing the first draft of Last in the Class over twenty years ago and is ecstatic to make it come to life in front of an audience!

Last in the Class will run on December 3rd in the Ruby Lounge.

Show Date:

Sunday, December 3rd @ 1 pm (matinee) & 8 pm


Writer: Dan Elish

Composer: Dan Elish

Director: Martavius Parrish

Music Director: Adam Beskind

Producer: Micca Lejwa


Johnny Finkleman: Robert Miron

Priscilla Whine: Isa Mellody

Harvey Arthur Weaselman: Derrick Hamilton

Phyllis Feinerstein: Quinn Mulvey

Melanie Angel: Seneca Russell

Stanley/Student One: Tess Redman

Jane/Student Two: Ariona Miller

Zach Angel/Cabbie: Ace Asim

Big Irwin: Zoe Tishaev

Anne/Student Three: Prisha Gupta

Franz/Student Four: Elliott Loverin

Allison/Student Five: Ema Hsiao

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