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The history of Hoof 'n' Horn stretches back many decades to our first production in 1936: a student-written show titled The Devil Grins. At 84 years old, we are one of the oldest organizations at Duke University and we strive to uphold our legacy of spreading art to the Duke and Durham communities.


Today, the organization puts on three mainstage and multiple cabaret-style productions every year. In addition to performing on campus, we take on projects to work with the local Raleigh-Durham community. We also host social events throughout the year both for current students and our extended community of alumni and families.


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Our student-run production team consists of a producer, director, music director, choreographer, technical director, stage manager, designers, and several other individuals who work together to create a successful and high-quality work of art.


Our technical crew encompasses all technical components of our shows, including: set design, set building, lighting design, sound design, costuming, props, and graphic design. These individuals work hand in hand with the production council to guarantee a clean and cohesive vision for our shows.


For each production, H'n'H chooses its talented casts through three days of auditions and one day of callbacks. The cast spends weeks together, rehearsing sometimes 4 nights a week to learn all of the material for each show. Cast sizes and rehearsal times vary from show to show.


In every production, student musicians volunteer to play in the pit orchestra. The pit typically rehearses once a week until the week of the show, under the baton of the musical's Orchestral Director. Instrumental needs vary from show to show.




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VP Production - Fall

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VP Production - Spring

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Cabaret Producers

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Publicity Chairs

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Inclusion, Accessibility, and Outreach Chairs

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Development Chair

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