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October 2023

What is a 24-hour musical, you may ask? Well, exactly what it sounds like! The show can be cast, the production team selected, schedules made, and ideas brainstormed, but no action can be taken until 24 hours before the musical is performed. This means for the cast and crew, show preparation and rehearsals will start on Saturday, October 7  at 8 pm and run through the entire night and day until October 8 at 8 pm.

Beauty and the Beast will run on October 8 in Sheafer Lab Theater.


Show Date:

Sunday, October 8 @ 8 pm.

No tickets - this is a free production


Producers: Rose Cassidy, Alaina Guo

Director: Ari Miller

Stage Manager: Max Freudenheim

Music Director: Jen Ren

Choreographer: Elliot Loverin

Orchestral Director: Charlotte Porter

Technical Director: Joey Fleming

Set Designer: Alexa Bolin

Build Team: David Mann, Joey Betancourt, Tali Sigal, Noah Ewig

Props Master: Tali Sigal

Costume/Hair/Makeup Team: Georgia Rabin, Maria Lissovolik, Alexa Bolin, Athmika Krishnan, Angela Quintanilla-Capawana

Lighting Designer: Anne Dillon

Sound Designer: Joey Fleming

Light Board Operator: Anne Dillon

Sound Board Operator: Ewan Dignon

Pub Team: Ewan Dignon, Tali Sigal, Maria Lissovolik


Belle: Abigail Pickens

Beast: Grant Bryden

Gaston: Blaze Gambla

Maurice: Connor Biswell

Lefou: Derrick Hamilton

Monsieur D’Arque: Robert Miron

Monsieur Jean: Elliott Loverin

Narrator: Ryan Stretch

Lumiere: Ace Asim

Plumette: Isa Mellody

Cogsworth: Becca Stern

Mrs. Potts: Lauren Sar

Chip: Maddie Lefkowitz

Madame de la Grande Bouche: Mills Howell

Cadenza: Seneca Russell

Chapeau: Ana Herndon

Clothilde: Jenny Green

Ensemble: Jenny Green, Ana Herndon, Jocelyn May, Elizabeth Sayler, Ryan Stretch, Nora Taylor, McKenna Wickers, Katrina Xu, Everianny Zabala, Diego Zalles, Alejandra Gonzalez-Acosta

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