The late Stephen Sondheim’s reimagination of beloved fairytales comes to life in the musical Into the Woods. The world of a Baker and his wife, desperate for a child, collides with that of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Prince Charming, and Jack and his beanstalk, when a Witch visits them, willing to grant their wish in return for their aid. Everyone is after something and—even when their dreams come true—the story does not end. Everything comes with a cost, and the consequences of their actions will return to haunt them with disastrous results.

Into the Woods, full of magic, dark comedy, and an enchanting score, mesmerizes audiences, young and old, as they see their favorite characters redefine love, family, and happily ever after. Hoof ’n’ Horn seeks to honor the legacy of Broadway legend, Stephen Sondheim, and delve into the fantastical in this spring production.

Into the Woods will run in Sheafer Lab Theater from March 31 to April 10. 

Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by James Lapine

Show Dates:

Thursday - Friday, March 31 - April 1 at 8pm

Saturday, April 2 at 7pm
Sunday, April 3 at 2pm
Friday - Saturday, April 8 - April 9 at 8pm
Sunday, April 10 at 2pm

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The Baker: Zach Finnachio

The Baker's Wife: Kaylin Woodward

The Witch: Jack Sanitate

Jack: Troy Ludwig

Little Red: Lucy Colangelo

Cinderella: Faye Hardek

Rapunzel: Claire Budzik

Cinderella's Prince: Gus Gress

Rapunzel's Prince: Brendan Sweezy

Jack's Mother: Emma Fischer

Mysterious Man: Robert Miron

Wolf: Gus Gress

Florinda: Rachel Estrella

Lucinda: Eleanore van Marwijk Kooy

Cinderella's Stepmother: Rebecca Williamson

Cinderella's Mother: Anna Shenk-Evans

Narrator: Alex Pieroni

Giant: Rebecca Williamson


Producer Jen Gobaira​

Assistant Producer: Sage Hirschfeld

Director: Nicky Amato

Assistant Director: Dana Adcock

Co-Music Directors: Ila Amiri

                                      Oliver Hess

Choreographer: Avery Lythcott-Haims

Stage Manager: Jakaiyah Franklin

Assistant Stage Manager: Micca Lejwa

Orchestral Director: Yi Chen

Assistant Orchestral Director: Jenny Green

Co-Publicity Heads: Haley Cionfolo

                                      Adriana Morales

Publicity Staff: Faith Chong

                             Izzy Costanzo

                             Harper de Andrade 

Photographer: Emma van Bergen 

Videographer: Hollis Epstein

Hair and Makeup Head: Louise Adillon

Costume Designer: Harry Throsby

Wardrobe Team: Katie Seithel

Technical Director: Karina Quinn

Co-Set Designers: Jamie Wang

                                  Isabelle Zhang

Co-Build Heads: Eloise Sinwell

                               Owen Jennings

Build Team: Kelsey Goldwein

    Jaden Fisher

    Diego Montoya

Lighting Designer: Sam Savitt

Light Board Operator: Sam Savitt

Sound Designer: Matthew Wang

Sound Board Operator: Matthew Wang

Company Manager: Kaitlyn Yan

Into the Woods is presented through special arrangement with Music Theater International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.