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Violet, Winter 2017
Violet, Winter 2017

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COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Hoof ‘n’ Horn community –

As you may know, Duke announced earlier this week that the University will be transitioning to distance learning and implementing social distancing policies in response to COVID-19. As a part of this response, all events with expected attendance of over 50 people between now and April 20th are being postponed, cancelled, or virtualized. More information is available here.

As a result, Hoof ‘n’ Horn’s spring production of Pippin, scheduled for April 9th-19th, will be unable to occur as planned. Given that Duke’s Reunions Weekend 2020 has been postponed, our Reunions Weekend Celebration (scheduled for April 18th) also will not occur as planned. Additionally, Duke’s Commencement Weekend – and thus Hoof ‘n’ Horn’s Graduation Weekend Cabaret – will be postponed until further notice, though we will continue to monitor Duke’s policies in the coming weeks and adjust as necessary.

So much of our strength as an organization comes from our ability to face and navigate unexpected challenges. Our Executive Council and Pippin’s production council have already been hard at work exploring alternatives for showcasing the work that has already gone into Pippin and bringing our broader HnH community together, and we will hope to have more information available soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Adam Beskind
President, Hoof ‘n’ Horn, 2019-20

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