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Led by a mysterious Leading Player, Pippin utilizes a performance troupe to tell the story of Pippin, a young prince and recent university graduate in search of purpose and fulfillment. With an infectious score from Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award-winner Stephen Schwartz (composer of the smash-hit Wicked) and original choreography and direction by the legendary Bob Fosse, Pippin has dazzled audiences since its premiere in 1972. Beginning the day of his graduation, Pippin attempts to find meaning through pursuits of war, politics, religion, and sex, in search of his “corner of the sky.” Through its uniquely surreal and anachronistic lens, Pippin's universal message speaks to the coming of age, the pursuit of the extraordinary, and the dangers of burning out.

Reunions Cabaret

McClendon Tower 5

Join Hoof 'n' Horn in the McClendon Tower 5 from 4-6 pm on April 18th to catch up with fellow alumni and current members, look through 82 years of archival materials, and hear about all that Hoof 'n' Horn has accomplished in recent seasons. Current members and alumni will also gather to perform selections from past productions, including both Broadway classics and original scores from the HnH Archive!

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