January 30 – February 9, 2020

Sheafer Laboratory Theater, Bryan Center, Duke University

The Wiz presents a soulful retelling of L. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz created by Charlie Smalls (music, lyrics) and William F. Brown (book). The Wiz employs modern black dance and music styles to tell the classic story of Dorothy, a farm girl from Kansas, who is transported to a fantastical world of Munchkins, flying monkeys, and witches. As she travels along the yellow brick road toward the Emerald City to meet the Wizard of Oz in hopes of returning home, she befriends the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion, each of whom also seeks help from the Wizard. 

This winter, join Hoof ‘n’ Horn in Sheafer Lab Theater to discover inner strength, the meaning of true friendship, and the value of home alongside the colorful characters of The Wiz and participate in a one-of-a-kind celebration of black culture.




Aunt Em Brianna Buford

Addaperle Kaelah Brauher

Dorothy Multy Oliver

Evilene Jenna Clayborn

Glinda Rachel Estrella

Scarecrow Kosi Pierre-Louis 

Tin Man Daniel Sutton

Lion K.B. Denis

The Wiz Simeon Holmes

Uncle Henry Devinne Moses

Gatekeeper Ce’Ondra Ellison

Lord High Underling Zhuri Bryant

Winged Monkey Milan Hamilton

Messenger Micheal Bennet

Ensemble Ce'Ondra Ellison, Ladasia Fore, Milan Hamilton, Cartier Robinson, Kyra Lewis, Rahel Petros, Bianca Umeakuana, Tara Olowolayemo, Lihua Hunter, Shernice Martin, Zhuri Bryant, Sophie Kebret, Micheal Bennet, Devinne Moses, Brianna Buford, Rachel Estrella, Adrianne Pink, and Simeon Holmes

Producer Tyler Edwards

Director Breon Robinson

Assistant Director Elizabeth Bueti

Music Director Autumn Blamoville

Asst. Music Director Tenley Seidel

Orchestral Directors Adam Beskind and Noah McKee

Asst. Orchestral Director Devinne Moses

Choreographer Arianna Carr

Asst. Choreographers Chelsea-Ann Dennis and Trinity Johns

Technical Director Jacob Levine

Asst. Technical Director Jeremy Tang

Prod. Stage Manager Ella Dunham

Asst. Stage Managers Kelis Johnson

Lighting Design John Smalley and Tia Smith

Light Board Operator Maddie Wilkinson

Sound Design Kacia Anderson

Asst. Sound Designer Michelle Larsen

Sound Board Operator Emma Fischer

Set Design Debora Cordero Martinez and John Smalley

Build Team Angelo Bonomi, Ashley Jeffers, Mathew Mammen, John Smalley

Costume Design​ Jessi Books and Jasmine Harris

Wardrobe Team Grace Abels, Nasya Lucien, Anna Gotskind, Jabari Kwesi, Jasmine Clairsaint, Kennedi Wesley, Zadaiah Roye

Hair & Makeup Design Kaelyn Griffiths

Hair & Makeup Team Aaliyah McNeil, Catherine Martinez, Samiat Bakare

Heads of Publicity Pavel Pivarshev and Jenna Clayborn

Publicity Team Viviana Aragon, Betsy Broaddus, Mackenzie DeLoatch, Grace Jeffrey, Raia Lockerman, Shaina Lubliner, Grant Lyerly, Catherine Martinez, Adriana Morales, Kosi Pierre, Alex Smith, Emma van Bergen 

Photoshoot Coordinator Emma van Bergen

Props Coordinator Kelyce Allen

Graphic Designers Sam Osheroff and Deb Cordero

Company Managers Cady Bailey and Raia Lockerman

Rehearsal Pianists Sam Jackson, Ethan Shen, and Adam Beskind

Orchestral Directors Adam Beskind and Noah McKee

Trumpet Tommy Klug, Kat Hefter, Dakota Douglas

Trombone Peter Germ

Violin Jessica Yang

Cello Margaret Reed

Reeds Matt Tedesco, Lucas Humayun

Keyboard Adam Beskind

Bass Guitar Noah McKee

Drums Tony Teleky

© 2018 by Hoof 'n' Horn. 

Designed by Rebekah Wellons.