Spring 2020, April 9th - 19th

Sheafer Laboratory Theater, Bryan Center

This April, join Hoof ’n’ Horn in Sheafer Lab Theater - we’ve got magic to do.


With an infectious score by Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award-winner Stephen Schwartz and original choreography and direction by the legendary Bob Fosse, Pippin has dazzled audiences since its premiere in 1972. 


Heir to the Frankish throne, the story follows the young prince Pippin, accompanied by a troupe of players, in his continued search for fulfillment in the glories of war, politics, religion, and sex. Through its uniquely surreal and anachronistic lens, Pippin's poignant, universal message speaks to the coming of age, the pursuit of the extraordinary, and the dangers of burning out.


Producer Brennan Zook

Director Shaina Lubliner

Assistant Director Tenley Seidel

Music Director Jenna Clayborn

Asst. Music Director Bryn Lawson and Daniel Sutton

Orchestral Directors Adam Beskind and Gabby McDonald

Asst. Orchestral Director Autumn Blamovillle

Choreographer Cady Bailey

Asst. Choreographers Ana DeCesare, Hannah Miao, Maggie PIckard

Technical Director Grace Francese

Asst. Technical Director Jeremy Tang

Prod. Stage Manager Eli Kline

Asst. Stage Managers Clair Marenco and Yodit Gebretsadik

Lighting Design Micah Segal-Miller and Niall Schroder

Light Board Operator Winnie Lu

Sound Design Michelle Larson

Asst. Sound Designer Francis de Beixedon

Sound Board Operator Francis de Beixedon

Set Designer Ashley Jeffers

Asst. Set Designer Anil Prasad

Build Team Eloise Sinwell, Hannah Genender, Jacob Levine, Shae Simpson

Costume Design​ Caroline Kassir

Wardrobe Team Natalia Avila

Hair & Makeup Design Dana Adcock

Asst. Hair & Makeup Design Betsy Broaddus

Hair & Makeup Team 

Heads of Publicity Holly Holder and Pavel Pivarshev

Publicity Team Betsy Broaddus, Claire Engstrom, Anna Gotskind, Katerina Deliargyris, Sawyer O'Keefe

Photos/Media Alex Kintzer

Photoshoot Coordinator 

Props Coordinator Eloise Sinwell

Asst. Props Coordinator Anil Prasad

Graphic Designers 

Company Manager Grace Jeffrey

Rehearsal Pianists 



Leading Player Autumn Blamoville

Pippin Jeremy Orriss

Charlemagne John Dreyer

Fastrada Hannah Miao

Lewis Matthew Mammen

Berthe Elizabeth Bueti

Catherine Holly Holder

Theo Anna Gotskind


Ensemble/Players Claire Budzik, Elizabeth Bueti, Haley Cionfolo, Tim Clayton, Brandon Dawson, Claire Engstrom, Sharon Kinsella, Multy Oliver, Pavel Pivarshev, Matt Rose, Tommy Shen, Anna Shenk-Evans, Benjamin Simon

Orchestral Directors Adam Beskind and Gabby McDonald

Asst. Orchestral Director Autumn Blamovillle