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Winter 2022, February 2nd - 12th

von der Heyden Studio Theater, Rubenstein Arts Center

February 2-4, 7pm

February 5, 2pm

February 9-11, 7pm

February 12th, 2pm (Sensory Friendly)


Producer: Daniel Sutton

Director: Ayanna Legros

Assistant Director: 

Music Director: Victoria Wang

Asst. Music Directors: Lily Egol and Robert Miron

Orchestral Director: Sam Carpenter

Asst. Orchestral Director:

Choreographers: Avery Lythcott-Haims

Technical Director: Clara McMillan

Asst. Technical Director: Hannah Gedion

Prod. Stage Managers: Annie Sheeder and Sam Karlaka

Asst. Stage Manager: Kennedy Rouser

Lighting Designer: Jakaiyah Franklin

Light Board Operator: Jakaiyah Franklin

Sound Designer: Cynthia Ma

Asst. Sound Designer:

Sound Board Operator: Cynthia Ma

Set Designer: Sonia Green

Asst. Set Designer: Kelsey Goldwein

Build Team: Kelsey Goldwein and Jerry Lin

Costume Design: Shernice Martin

Asst. Costume Design: Kyra Lewsis

Hair & Makeup Designer: Nia Williams

Asst. Hair & Makeup Design: Daniella Mehlek-Dawveed

Hair & Makeup Team: 

Heads of Publicity: Kennedy Rouser

Publicity Team: Lindsay Frankfort and Jamie Wang


Photoshoot Coordinator: 

Props Coordinator:

Asst. Props Coordinator:

Graphic Designers: Nadia Bey

Company Manager:

Rehearsal Pianists: