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Ila Amiri

Cabaret co-Producer

Whether you know her for her immense talent as a singer-songwriter with Small Town Records, her arrangements for Out of the Blue, or for her jaw-droppingly high belt, she’s sure to amaze in any capacity! This year, she’ll be putting her talents as a music director to good use as the Co-Cabaret Producer!

With a desire to fight for what’s right using her PubPol major, this Los Angeles native truly shows us that “What’s Inside” is just as beautiful as she is on the outside. “It Only Takes a Taste” of Ila’s talents and contributions to Hoof ‘n’ Horn to see why we’re so grateful to have her on our exec board next year!

A42F5CA2-B2CB-4507-AB8C-9899773A00D5 - Ila Amiri_edited.jpg
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