Spring 2021

Virtual Performance

Nominated for thirteen Tony’s and winning six, Dreamgirls tells the journey of the hopeful African-American R&B trio, The Dreamettes, fronted by Effie and her best friends Deena and Lorrell. Scouted for their vocal prowess and impressionability, “The Dreamettes” begin touring the country as backup singers while navigating the larger and ever-changing record industry scene. The group undergoes dynamic shifts in hopes of gaining a competitive edge eventually crossing genres and emerging into the spotlight as a more sensual and alluring group, “The Dreams”, with Deena at the helm and Effie parting ways.    

Making for a high-spirited show filled with triumphs, betrayal, stunning costumes and vocals, Dreamgirls captures the full swing of emotions as the group rises to stardom. This winter, join Hoof ’n’ Horn in Sheafer Lab Theater (in the Bryan Center) to meet your Dreamgirls.


Thank you for your interest in involvement with Hoof 'n' Horn's production of Dreamgirls. For information about joining the production council, contact the show's Producer, Kacia Anderson at kacia.anderson@duke.edu. To hear about playing in the pit orchestra, reach out to our Orchestra Supervisor, Gaby McDonald, at gaby.mcdonald@duke.edu or refer to the button below for information. For auditions, click the buttons below that correspond with audition information and how to sign up! Whether you're brand new to Hoof 'n' Horn or a veteran member, we look forward to meeting you! Please email kacia.anderson@duke.edu with any questions.


Producer Kacia Anderson

Assistant Producer Viviana Aragon

Co-Directors Nia Williams & Breon Robinson

Music Director Daniel Sutton

Assistant Music Director Sarah Houston

Choreographer Lihua Mo

Assistant Choreographer Kamryn Stafford

Stage Manager Annie Sheeder

Assistant Stage Manager Sadia Ayaz

Technical Director Ash Jeffers

Assistant Technical Director Jen Gobaira

Co-Orchestral Director Isaiah Mason and Dakota Douglas

Asst. Orchestral Director Gaby McDonald

Rehearsal Pianists 

Set Designer Jeremy Orriss

Assistant Set Designer Lindsey Weyant

Costume Design​ers Mila De Souza

Assistant Costume Designer Jasmine Harris

Wadrobe Team Chair Jessi Books

Audio/Visual Coordinator Kosi Pierre-Louis

Hair/Makeup Designer Kaelyn Griffiths

Assistant Hair/Makeup Designer Kyra Lewis

Photoshoot Coordinator Bentley Choi

Props Coordinator Jeremy Orriss

Assistant Props Coordinator Elissa Harris

Head of Publicity Caroline King

Publicity Staff Bentley Choi, Cady Bailey, Dipali Arora, Elissa Harris, Emily Prudot Gonzalez, Emily Sandberg, Izzy Costanzo, Jenna Clayborn, NiQuava Pope, and Victoria Kovarik

Company Manager Ysanne Spence & Sadia Ayaz



Curtis Taylor Jr. Kyle-Brandon "KB" Denis

Deena Jones Victoria Pannell

Lorrell Robinson Rachel Estrella

Effie Melody White Autumn Blamoville

C.C. (Claridge Conrad) Seun Oguntunmibi

Michelle Morris Multy Oliver

Jimmy (James Thunder) Early Eka Ebong

Marty Cartier Robinson

Tiny Joe Dixon Simeon Holmes

Stepp Sisters Lenique Kori Huggins and Eritrea Temesghen

M.C. Breon Robinson

Dave Andrew Raines

Sweethearts Tenley Seidel, Margot Armbruster, and Alison Korn

Mr. Morgan Andrew Raines

Wayne/Frank Lenique Kori Huggins

Jerry Eritrea Temesghen