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March 2022


What is a 24-hour musical, you may ask? Well, exactly what it sounds like! The show can be cast, the production team selected, schedules made, and ideas brainstormed, but no action can be taken until 24 hours before the musical is performed. This means for the cast and crew, show preparation and rehearsals will start on Saturday, March 25 at 8 pm and run through the entire night and day until March 26 at 8 pm.

High School Musical! On Stage! will run on March 26 in Brody Theater.


Show Date:

Sunday, March 26 @ 8 pm

Click here for tickets! 

$10 Full Price ($10.50 with tax)

$5 Duke Students ($5.25 with tax)


Co-Producers: Jason Kreinberg                                                                  Daniel Sutton

Assistant Producer: 

Co-Directors: Izzy Costanzo                                                                       Micca Lejwa 

Co-Music Directors: Tyler King                                                                             Victoria Wang

Assistant Music Director: Maddie Lefkowitz

Co-Choreographers: Alexandria Edwards                                                             Avery Lythcott-Haimes

Stage Manager: Laney Chang 

Orchestral DirectorSam Carpenter

Publicity Staff: Zack Finacchio

Faye Hardek

Hair and Makeup Head: Mary Grace Rorke

Hair and Makeup Team: Lindsay Frankfort

                                              Claire Hardek

Co-Costume Designers: Lindsay Frankfort

                                             Claire Hardek

Wardrobe Team: Clare O’Sullivan

                                Kelyce Allen

Set Designer: Clara McMillan 

Build Team: Kelsey Goldwein                                                                 Kelyce Allen                                                                           Clare O’Sullivan


Troy: Alex Pieroni
Gabriella: Becca Stern
Sharpay: Damilola Bankole
Ryan: Troy Ludwig
Chad: Ally Doss
Taylor: Faye Hardek
Ms. Darbus: Alanna Manfredini
Kelsi: Courtney Dantzler
Coach Bolton: Ila Amiri
Jack Scott: Benji Gourdji
Zeke: Eka Ebong
Martha Cox: Riley Palmgren
Ripper: Jeanie Jia

Ensemble: Gabe Mendoza, Anna Shenk-Evans, Isa Mellody, Blaze Gambla, Taliyah Thomas, Claire Budzik, Abigail Pickens, Diego Zalles, Adriana Morales, Mikhla Ben-Joseph


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